Company Profile – Profile and Brief History of the Company

Brilliant Portfolios Limited was incorporated under the provision of The Companies Act, 1956 as Private Limited Company in the name of Brilliant Portfolios Private Limited on 21st February, 1994 and thereafter on 20th September, 1995 the company converted into Public Limited Company and received Fresh Certificate of Incorporation in the name of Brilliant Portfolios Limited vide CIN  L74899DL1994PLC057507 issued by ROC, Delhi.

As per the Memorandum of Association of the Company, the main objects of the Company are:

1. To carry on and undertake the business of Security Analysts, Investment or Financial consultants and advisors and to act as Asset Manager for Resident and Non Resident Indian and for Indian and Foreign whether being a body corporate, firm or an individual.

2. To underwrite, sub-underwrite, to invest, in and acquire and hold, sell, buy, otherwise deal in shares, debentures, debentures stock, negotiable instruments, units, bonds, obligations and securities issued or guaranteed by Indian or Foreign Governments, State dominions, sovereigns, municipalities, public authorities or bodies banks, financial institutions and shares, stock debentures, debentures stocks, funds, obligations and securities issued or guaranteed by Government or any company Corporation, firm or any person anywhere in India or outside whether Incorporated or not.

3. To manage public issue of securities and act as a issue house, financial advisors, financial Brokers and to carry on the business of registrar, for various companies, bodies, financial institutions, banks whether incorporated in India or outside India and to make financial arrangements from banks, financial institutions, body corporate, firms or individual and to act as authorised dealers in foreign exchange and to represent to sign money lending institutions and agencies.

4. To act as stock and share Brokers for primary and secondary market or operations and finance brokers and to be members in one or more stock exchange/OTC exchanges anywhere in India or outside India and to act as sub-brokers of one or more brokers of one or more stock exchange anywhere in India or outside India and to deal in foreign currencies as authorised dealers.

5. To buy, purchase, acquire and develop land and building, whether freehold and/or leasehold or otherwise Govt. land or agricultural land and to construct, build, develop and/or re-build multy-storeyed buildings, towers, bunglows, cottages, apartments, commercial office complex, shops and residential flats, cottages and apartments of any size either on own land or on the land of other person persons at mutually agreed terms with creation of recreational facilities such as theme park, clubs, cinema hall and other amusements and to retain, lease out and/or to sell and disposed off the apartments so developed at terms to be decided between the company and those prospective flat owners and to carry out the business of construction and development of townships, roads, passer ways, docks, bridges, canals, sewers, dams, power-houses, cold-storage, reservoirs, transways, irrigation schemes, reclamations alongwith the work on utilities such as sanitation, water, gas and electricity and to undertake the work on brick kiln schemes, structural or architectural tower of any kind alongwith the work on assignments of estimation, design and drawings and to act as colonizers, gardeners and commission agents and similar all other activities.

Brilliant Portfolios Limited is a Non Banking Financial Company (NBFC). The Company obtained its Certificate of Registration from RBI to carry on the business of non-banking financial institution on 30th May, 1998. The Registration no. of the Company with RBI is 14.00903. At present, the Company is engaged in the business of NBFC activity and making both long term and short term investment in quoted as well as unquoted shares. The company also gives short term and long term loans to its borrowers. The Company will continue its focus and efforts in Capital Market as well as in making loans to the potential and sound borrowers. The company is also involved in real estate business.

The present Authorised Share capital of the company is Rs. 3,50,00,000/- divided into 35,00,000 equity shares of Rs. 10/- each and the present paid up capital of the company is Rs. 3,10,18,000/- divided into 31,01,800 equity shares of Rs. 10/- each.

Presently the equity shares of Brilliant Portfolios Limited are listed with Bombay Stock exchange Limited (BSE).